Sales, Marketing and Distribution

Many great ideas have failed due to a lack of appropriate goals, a strategy to achieve those goals, and well planned tactics to support the strategy.

“Without sales, all you make is scrap” - Henry Ford.

When your idea is ready for market, Ideas in Medicine has a world class, worldwide network of professional sales and marketing teams who can quickly deliver results.

Ideas in Medicine will choose which of these sales professionals have existing relationships with the medical specialists who need your product idea. Whether your idea is best suited for the operating room, outpatient center, or office, Ideas in Medicine has a global network of medical distributors for you to select from. These professionals are within specialized companies with experience in your field. These fully trained sales teams have established contacts with Key Opinion Leader physicians and therefore can quickly deliver results.

Using the Ideas in Medicine distribution network is the fastest, safest, and least expensive way to meaningful sales of your product.

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Establishing your business with Ideas in Medicine

Ideas in Medicine will guide you through the multitude of steps necessary to set a strong foundation for your business. Among these offerings:

    • Choosing the right classification of business entity
    • Understanding the appropriate tax structure in your country
    • Building a banking relationship
    • Choosing the right accountant
    • Building a relevant brand with a proposition that speaks to the market
    • Creating a useful website

Ideas in Medicine will lead you through these and other daunting processes.

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Intellectual Property (Patenting)

We provide all the necessary assistance to protect your ideas and products.

After creating a novel technology it is equally important to protect your idea from theft. When to file, where to file, and what to file for are key elements to establishing adequate protection while not spending a fortune of seed or investor capital. Ideas in Medicine delivers a cost effective strategy and well vetted intellectual property legal experts.

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The diversity of rules and regulations globally needs to be traversed with knowledge and professionalism.

Guidance will be given on the needs for your idea and product approval – dependent on the markets being aimed at. The classification of your device will also determine the approach you need to develop.

Regulatory approvals and protect of patents often proceed with a clear end point in mind – especially with the in depth specialist knowledge, protection and guidance available from Ideas in Medicine.

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One of the important decisions you will make early on is how you will fund your Idea.

Determining what are the relevant milestones in the development or commercialization of your idea is critical to future success. Having necessary capital to achieve those milestones is where the rubber meets the road. Ideas in Medicine will guide you through the process to conceive then implement the capital strategy that is unique to your venture.

Whatever your ambition, the team at Ideas in Medicine can show the right pathway for your project, then assist you in obtaining the capital to make your idea a reality.

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Following the successful initial work on patent protection, regulatory approvals
and product licensing you will need to decide where to manufacture your product.

Will you make your product? Is there someone out there who is better equipped to do so? How much does it cost to have someone else make it?

Can I hire a contract manufacturer and still have an adequate gross margin on my idea? Determining the right path from idea to finished goods is critical to preservation of capital and having a quality product. Ideas in Medicine will help you to select the right choice to get your idea to market as quickly, safely, and inexpensively as possible.

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