Paul Molloy Currently President & CEO at ClearFlow Inc.

Graeme is a serial entrepreneur and sales professional that I have known for fifteen years and worked with on two large projects as well as other smaller endeavors. Graeme and I worked together first at US Surgical prior to its acquisition by Tyco (now Covidien). I was immediately impressed with Graeme’s work ethic, passion and knowledge of the medical device business. Above all, his sales expertise and intuition stood out. When he came to LMA to help manage our International sales and distribution he immediately made a very significant impact, traveling tirelessly across many countries to establish a fledgling business.

Graeme is quick-thinking and highly articulate and has the natural ability to be both a discerning and well balanced businessman and an amiable business partner able to cultivate trust and confidence quickly. He has an eye for markets and market opportunities and knows how to configure a sales team to capitalize quickly on these. Results speak for themselves and Graeme has time and again shown the invaluable ability to generate exceptional sales performance in any company, be it start up or established enterprise, and in any market in the world. I would welcome the chance to work with him again.

Worked with Graeme at LMA Urology Suisse SA