Ideas in Medicine, revitalised

Ideas in Medicine, revitalised

Introducing a new brand and website for Ideas in Medicine – from Eureka to end product!

Ideas In Medicine is a worldwide organisation which brings together the brightest ideas, the greatest brains and the most innovative successful people in the world of medicine. The world needs more innovative ways of improving health.The market for these ideas is limitless and possibilities are endless.

Many of the most creative and innovative health care professionals are working on the front line dealing with patients on a daily basis.We believe the vast reserve of new ideas is not in Universities or Big Business.

Ideas in Medicine will allow these ideas to fertilise and develop. Genius needs to be nurtured and brilliant ideas need to be placed in context to bring them to fruition. Ideas in medicine can marry up the brilliant idea with the practical skills needed to make it succeed.

Nothing succeeds like success.

We have founder members round the world who have had fabulous success in healthcare. They are willing and ready to share their secrets of success.These are not really secrets but there is a way to succeed and combining brilliance and genius with practical skills is a fantastic way to ensure success.

The world is always ready for new ideas and throughout the world, health is prized as the most valuable asset anyone can have.The thirst and hunger for new better ideas in medicine is unending. It pays to be brilliant but only if the idea succeeds. Everyone benefits from new ideas and on the creative plane, there are unlimited possibilities. The act of creation is our reason for being on this earth and we are in healthcare because we know this is an area ripe for new ideas.

Ideas In Medicine is dedicated to producing new healthcare products and services.We want to spark a revolution in healthcare where new ideas are shared and developed for the benefit of everyone. All we have to do is think and share.

Think and the world will grow rich

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