Kerecis produces tissue-based skin substitute products for use in surgery and for treating wounds. The KerecisĀ® Omega3 skin substitute is made from fish skin, a safe, cost-effective and abundantly available substance that offers improved clinical performance while reducing the risk of disease transfer.

Compared to mammalian-based skin substitutes, Kerecis Omega3 offers improved economics and clinical performance, as well as reduced disease transfer risk and no cultural constraints on usage.


The Founder of Kerecis, Fertram Sigurjonsson, sought out Ideas in Medicine for their expertise in sales, marketing, distribution, as well as regulatory registrations in key markets around the globe.


Ideas in Medicine quickly took action by establishing distribution channels in a number of countries throughout Europe and the Middle East. The sales and marketing activity exceeded the expectations of Kerecis. IIM guidance for launch in the US provided the contacts for FDA clearance. IIM delivered strategic marketing insights on where and whom to target and assistance with recruiting and training a US sales team. Kerecis has since become a major supplier to the US Government and Military and continues to expand throughout the US and other parts of the world

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