Every AFS product that is currently in use or in the pipeline
possesses the same core components.



AFS are redefining the world of surgical access in order to enhance the surgeon’s experience and reduce patient post-operative discomfort.

The thorough understanding of surgical techniques allows for smart engineering, superior product functionality and creative design.

Innovation and Imagination!

To reduce overall healthcare system costs

Cost Effectiveness

The AFS ACCESS platform, JACK, is the standard creator for 1+1 Surgery™ with numerous proprietary features designed for ease of use, enhanced post-operative recovery, and dramatic reductions in system cost. The APOLLO abdominal access and wound protection system seamlessly expands both open and MIS options. AFS is creating enduring trends that raise MIS to a new level.

With AFS leadership squarely focused on R&D and manufacturing they sought out Ideas in Medicine for commercial expertise to promote 1+1 Surgery and deliver a world-class channel to market.


Through daily communication, numerous face-to-face planning sessions, and dozens of surgical use observations, Ideas in Medicine put to work it’s collective 70+ years of experience in medical device development, product marketing and start-up commercialization. Sharing this wealth of knowledge and success with AFS involved guidance on product positioning, proper market selection for instant penetration, and network sharing for a world class sales and distribution channel.


Through collaboration with AFS, IIM quickly put in place a network of medical device distributors in key markets selected for launch. Ideas in Medicine’s global network facilitated rapid action and meaningful revenue for AFS and exceeded their expectations. IIM tightened the focus and marketing campaign to highlight the benefits of 1+1 Surgery. Impressed with rapid results from a wealth of knowledge and experience, two IIM principals have been elected to the AFS Board of Directors.

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